Outdoor advertizing in Russia
Installation of banners, installation of outdoor advertizing, washing of facades, washing of windows, washing of facades, sink of windows,

pnc app small business ideas Services of the industrial climber of a vysotnik can be demanded at installation of the advertizing carrier on a site of a wall inaccessible to special equipment or a metal construction. As not all buildings (especially old and historical) are not adapted for work from cradles, industrial mountaineering the only option of work at height. High-rise works can be carried out and with the help of a special equipment, but the height at them is limited and not to any building there is an approach. Here 7 years we are engaged in installation of outdoor advertizing, and achieved certain successes. About 5 years ago one customer, RA "Ognivo", addressed to us with a request to define fastening system for a banner of the small sizes so we had the production of outdoor advertizing. As practice showed, own production essentially facilitated work to our vysotnik - all decisions were accepted even prior to the beginning of installation, in shop, and our assemblers needed to watch a complete set, and safety measures only. The high-rise works made on our objects, sometimes from the earth seem impracticable, but qualification of our experts dispels any doubts. A wide experience of work at height, modern technologies and a wise approach to non-standard situations guarantee performance of all works qualitatively and in time.

We worked with:
Advertizing agencies: News Outdoor, Wr. Signs, Shop of Advertising, Big Board, Triniti Neon, Olympus, Top, Gavrilov Brazers and other organizations.


Banner installation - installation of a banner fabric, with the printed image and pockets. Usually banners of the large sizes pull with помощтю shnurovaniye rap. Small and average banners, friezes, ceilings usually stretch by means of hairpins. And light boxes a banner pull rap or through special alyuminivy a profile. There are still cases when the banner is pulled special by devices and attach a pneumostapler.

The sink of windows and washing of facades is carried out by a method of industrial mountaineering. When washing windows and washing facades we use a current high-quality chemistry and professional stock. Our team works even under such adverse conditions, as low temperature, a wind and a precipitation. Use of the most modern cleaning equipment (water compressors of a high pressure, brushes and other) and detergents considerably reduces time of a sink of windows, sinks of show-windows and washing of facades and increases efficiency of carried-out works. The special substances containing in cleaning solutions for a washing of facades, prevent destruction of facing of walls and external elements of design.

Front works. Within front works repair of facades, restoration of decorative elements of facades, a gidrofobizatsiya of facades, cleaning of facades of various pollution, высолов, installation and repair of drainpipes, installation of ventilated facades, siding installation is carried out. Facing of houses, buildings, facades.

Result: to carry out high-rise works by means of industrial mountaineering much more favorable cheaper and quicker.



Installation of roof installation

High-rise works

Banner installation on a ceiling. Stretch ceiling.

Installation of roof installation

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